Monday, December 6, 2010

The Origin of the Name

Someone asked me how I came up with the name "Send More Monsters."

For this we have to go all the way back to high school. A friend of mine introduced me to the old chop-socky, low-budget superhero flick "Inframan." In it the evil Princess Dragon Mom (?) was inundating the surface world with a slew of unstoppable monsters that were destroying civilization.

Destroying civilization until, that is, INFRAMAN showed up.

One of Princess Dragon Mom's shocked flunkies reported that Inframan had defeated all the monsters. Now what was she going to do? Sneering wickedly, in the way only a platinum-blonde, rubber-monster matron can, Princess Dragon Mom replied: "Send more monsters!"

And then I understood. It was like I was shot. Shot with a diamond. A diamond bullet went through my forehead, and I thought 'My God! The genius of that!'

For you see, there is no problem so great that it can not be solved by Sending More Monsters.

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