Monday, March 12, 2012

My Homebrew Adventures

I recently posted that I'd found some old homebrew gems during our move. I'm considering trying my hand at e-publishing, so I was thinking I'd post some taglines here and see what generated interest.

Tomb of the Sky Pirate
Two hundred years ago, Skrupel the Sky Pirate sailed out of the mists of the northern seas with a small army of bloodthirsty raiders. For over a decade he terrorized the western coast, sacking villages and scuttling merchant ships wherever he wished. They called him the 'Sky Pirate' for his ability to disappear seemingly into thin air. Despite the great bounties levied against Skrupel's head and the repeated efforts of kingdoms, professional mercenaries and even other pirates, Skrupel was never apprehended, and one day vanished into the mists once and for all, never to be heard from again.

This was long ago and far away, yarns from another age. Then, last week, that old mountain man came tottering out of the hills with those papers clutched in his hand, murmuring the cursed pirate's name before succumbing to a scalding fever...

A Hole in the Sea
At first it seemed like an easy job; hire on as a guard for some merchant ships, make some easy money, then look for more work at the next port of call. And it was easy, until the night when the seas opened up beneath the keel of the ship and the whole lot of you tumbled into that abyss...

The Sea Hag's Curse
The village of Laksmoot has put out a call for aid to any who will answer, for the town seems to have inherited the curse of one of its deceased citizens. First livestock and then citizens have disappeared in the night, while others have been found dead in their beds come morning.

These are just 3 of the homebrew adventures I've actually run (usually at Dundracon, come to think of it). At some point I hope to dust them off, update them and post them as downloads here... but my Pathfinder conversion of Castle Whiterock is still sitting in the queue waiting for me to finish! 

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