Sunday, January 29, 2012

Moving: The Joys, the Pains

One good thing I can say about moving; you always find interesting stuff!

Among other things, I've found my old print copies of 'must-have' modules bought in pdf form. Y'know, remember back in the day when WotC made all their 1st/2nd edition stuff available for purchase? Several blown hard drives and an OGL renegation later, a lot of the old rarities I'd picked up have evaporated.

The really good stuff, though, is the notes, scribblings, or even fully detailed elements of old campaigns, hastily scribbled maps, lists of names, long forgotten bits of lore which I kept thinking would be useful once again someday. Also, secret notes passed to the DM such as "I'm not going back for the others," "I pocket anything I find that looks like it's over 50gp, the rest I'll share."

Oops. Hope I didn't just out anybody...

So now I have cleaned house. Once I start weeding, I'm ruthless. I'm throwing out gold here. Maps! Entire adventures (well bad ones anyway). I'm keeping the good stuff:

Found: A complete homebrew module based around locating the tomb of Skrupel the Sky Pirate. I ran this at Dundracon one year and it was gruelling.

Found: A list of names a page and a half long. Included, such strange epithets as Miss Beef of the Trees, Sons of the Kokwah Alliance, Evil Bullion & Vicious Potty, Os the Iron-skinned, Kruddle, Evil King Tobor. O such good stuff!

Found: Monster Island. MONSTER FUCKING ISLAND! Another one-shot I ran at a con in the late 90s, another "run-fight-run-fight-how-the-fuck-do-we-get-off-this-fucking-island-OMG-is-that-a-Giant-Owlbear-RUN!!?!?" meatgrinder game. So many good memories of this one.

Found: Rotting Quylthulg

Maybe moving isn't so bad...

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